Invest in their future.

Providing quality education is at the core of MCM’s mission. Careful consideration is given to each student as they enter into secondary school to offer the best program and opportunity to reach their full potential.

There are additional expenses for MCM’s children to attend high school (known as secondary school – Form 1 – 4); tuition, transportation, school supplies, uniforms and in some cases boarding and meals.

When you choose to invest in the future of an MCM child in secondary school you provide the opportunity to receive a quality education and set goals for a future vocation. This gift will have a long term impact on the child as they work towards a life of independence.

Sponsorship of $68/month or more ensure your secondary school child will receive; tuition, transportation costs, school supplies, uniforms, boarding and food (if living on or near school), life skills training, counseling, medical care, and meals at MCM when on break.

Sponsors will receive a picture of their sponsored student and 2 letters a year. You have the opportunity to write back to show you believe in them and to offer encouragement.

To become a sponsor, choose a child below, remember their name, and then click the SPONSOR button to complete the sponsorship form.



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