Since 2014 MCM Academy has partnered with schools in the U.S. for the benefit of all students. Our Global Classroom program:

  • Promotes cross-cultural awareness

  • Enhances curriculum through project based learning and collaboration

  • Stimulates curiosity and academic performance through peer-to-peer collaboration and modeling

  • Cultivates compassionate, empathetic and globally competent minded individuals through the friendships they create

For MCM’s children who are isolated geographically, economically and technically, the Global Classroom expands their horizons and provides opportunity to see different paths for their futures.

How this plays out for each partnership is unique.
Program elements include:

  • Live video calls sharing projects plus Q&A

  • 100s of Pen Pal Letter Exchanged

  • Global Read Aloud and Book Clubs

  • Sharing poetry, essays and storytelling - extending literature

  • Debates - The Pros and Cons of Fertilizer Use

  • STEM & Design Process Projects - Wind Power

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Country Reports

  • Compare and discuss community access to water

  • Creating "How-To" and Cultural videos; food, family, holidays, homes, games, music and dance


A 2nd graders from the U.S.

“I can’t wait to talk to my friend in Malawi again.”

Henock Banda, MCM’s Director of Education:

“There has been a noticeable improvement in our children’s academic performance. This was made possible because many hands participated [including] Derby Academy through the Global Classroom program. The children [MCMA students] speak English more confidently by modeling their international friends. ”