Their Stories

Working with Malawi's orphans gives us a firsthand view of the struggles children face and their potential for a better future. They inspire us with an enthusiasm and hunger to know and be known. Every child has a story worth sharing and we hope they instill a response in you to act.

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I have so many dreams and goals! I want to be brilliant at school, passing with distinctions, high honors and strong credits so that I can earn myself a better degree. I spend most of my time studying, having school related discussions with my friends and attending all of my classes. Learning helps me gain more knowledge so that I can apply what I learn everyday.

After graduating, I want to work with the government to be a high school teacher, or I would like to work with other organizations to teach.  I would also like to run my own business someday and help other people become entrepreneurs.

I want to be a reliable woman who will be able to work and support my family and others. I want to be a role model who encourages girls on education issues. I would also like to open a craftwork training school. I will be working hard to achieve all of my dreams.
Stella - September 2020

Stella 3rd year university student at Chancellor’s College is already living her dream by using her passion for sewing to teach girls in MCM’s Young Women’s Initiative how to make dresses.  During the COVID break she started a mask making business, protecting MCM’s staff & children, and selling masks in the community.  Stella has been with MCM since she was 14 years old (now 24) and her education goals will be accomplished thanks to the educational support given by a generous donor. Find out more how you can Invest in a Future to make dreams come true here.


I have had many phases of life, good and bad, some very tough times, but I'm thankful and God has blessed me.

University has been awesome, there are so many things that I think about doing that it has been hard to narrow it down to just one. Though it has been hard, my priorities now include progressing through school to a certain level, being professional, loving, diligent, caring for others and working hard. I also wish to exhibit intense love and counseling as a good father to my family. I hope to be a good example, getting rid of bad habits and I also look to grow spiritually.

I strive to work hard to achieve my goals. I am striving to learn various things at college. I do hope to learn technical work to where I can eventually analyze critical situations. I am also hoping that by attending Chancellor College, my life (if God allows) will be better than before. I hope to do great things and benefit the world.

Fortune who has been with MCM for 12 years and is in his 3rd year at Chancellors College (January 2021). His education is sponsored by a generous donor. Please learn how you can Invest in a Future to help another MCM child so they can achieve their goal of independence here.

I have been a part of MCM since I was 11 years old. I am in school at the Malawi Institute of Tourism and I am studying Tourism Management. This program normally takes four years, but since I attended MCM, I will complete the program in three years. I am currently in my second year with one more year to go before receiving my degree. After getting my degree, I want to become a professional chef either in Malawi or possibly outside of Malawi. We study nutrition at school and my desire is to serve good and nutritious meals to others. After working as a chef for some time, I hope to someday open my own hotel in Malawi where I can accommodate people and offer them the best service. I am learning a lot through this program. I am learning how to plan good meals for people with special needs, I am learning to cook in a professional way, I am also learning how to make beds properly, how to serve guests and how to choose wines at a hotel and much more. I am a God fearing lady, I am humble, I am open to people when they need my help. I am working hard and always trying to be my best. Zione’s education is sponsored by a generous donor. Find out how you can Invest in a Future of another MCM child here. January 2021


Hello, my name is Ruth Davie, I am from Jamali Village and I am 20 years old.

I am currently studying childhood development (Early Education) at Ndirande school in the Blantyre district. The program takes 1 ½ years to complete.

I will be receiving a certificate to teach first, second and third grade. I will then receive my diploma.

After graduating, I will be looking for a job so that I can help my family and also be independent.

These courses are very important. I am learning so many things like; how to treat children and how I can help children who are vulnerable or who have lost their parents.

I like playing netball, reading novels, dancing, singing and reading the Bible.

I am a good friend and enjoy talking and working with friends who work at MCM.

I am humble, honest and courageous. I work hard. I am a peacemaker. And, I am obedient.

Ruth has been with MCM since she was 8 years old and is currently working as MCM’s PreK teacher while attending classes and completing her certificate program.
January 2021

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My name is Mercy Gwedeza, I am 23 years old and I live in Mbwana Village. I am currently a student at Soche Technical College where I am learning about shipping and logistics. After I complete the program, I will earn a certificate, diploma and an advanced diploma. My hope is to work as a clearing agent or forwarding agent at the ports, borders or at a large company. I chose this field because I want to clear cargo for people and to also ensure that people are paying their taxes and customs so that the revenue can be collected and can be used to improve the development of my country. I like playing football, reading novels and being an assistant teacher in class. I also do a lot of farming. I am always working hard so that I am a good example to young children. Mercy has been with MCM since she was 11 years old. To guarantee her dream comes true please consider sponsoring Mercy’s education here or contact January 2021

When interviewed by Ken Mpemba, MCM's Executive Director and asked how MCM had changed his life, Conscious answered by saying: "MCM has helped me gain more knowledge by reading books and being in class. It helps me with clothes as I would not have proper clothes to wear, shoes, blankets or mosquito nets. Without MCM I would probably have stopped school and would be loafing about. MCM also provides me the feeding program, sports and the health clinic. And, MCM has encouraged me to develop my talent for spinning a bicycle wheel on my head! A VERY ROUGH START Now 14, Conscious has been with MCM for 12 years. He has no memory of his mother who was murdered in front of him. For a while he lived with his aunt who beat him but eventually his grandmother agreed to raise him. Early on Conscious was angry, fought with other children and barely did school work. Over the years, with much support from teachers and staff, Conscious grew to have a "hard working spirit". He enjoys school, especially Math and Chichewa. He's helpful at the Center and home. His goal is to finish school so that he can have resources to build a nice house and buy maize for the community. He knows he must work hard and he does. April 2020 Find out how you can invest in programs that build resilience in children living with trauma from

From the picture you would never know the struggles Mervis has faced. At 5 her mother passed away from HIV. Mervis was positive as well. Her grandmother became her guardian but was unable to manage Mervis's medical care. At age 7, Mervis contracted TB and Meningitis. Her condition worsened to the point of being on life support for 4 days. Had Mervis not been accompanied by Phoebe, MCM's Social Services Director, the doctors would have given up. There were many complications to her recovery; some she overcame and others she has not. Today at 10, Mervis requires full-time care. She communicates with eye movements and smile. She cannot speak. Walking has improved but she is unstable. Recently Mervis started feeding herself with continued therapy needed for hand-eye coordination. It is hard to tell what she understands or is capable of in the future but it is obvious that Mervis's smile shows her resilience. Mervis is one example of MCM's individualized approach to providing vulnerable children with opportunities to live their best lives. With the support of a generous donor Mervis lives in a sturdy house, is guaranteed daily mails and medication, has access to health care, participates in physical, occupational and speech therapy, is integrated into school and above all receives lots of love from her caregiver Rose and the entire MCM community. Her future looks different than it did 3 years ago but her impact on the community cannot be underestimated. Find out how you can partner with MCM to provide every child their best future from September 2020

My life was hard from the start. My father passed away on the day of my birth. Every time I celebrate my birthday I have a feeling of loss. My mother died from a long illness when I was 7. I have fond memories of her as a hard worker selling mangoes and take-away. From then on I was passed around to my relatives, because my behavior was intolerable. No one wanted to take me in. I would steal, fight, sneak out and run away. I was treated harshly; beaten and asked to do extra chores by my guardians. Eventually while living with an aunt I became part of MCM. I was 12 years old. Through counseling and guidance I started looking at life in a different way. My behavior changed. My aunt noticed. MCM supported me holistically; school, inspirational talks, life skill, clothing, shoes, soap, food, medical care physically fitness and much more. FROM DIRE TO TIRES At 24 Ali's outlook is bright though his childhood was filled with heartbreak. Today, Ali receives a stipend from MCM for living expenses to be an apprentice in a tire repair shop, learning the trade one machine at a time. The shop owner is impressed with Ali's technical skills, which he learned through MCM's computer training classes. His goal is to one day open his own auto repair shop. Find out more how you can make an internship or apprenticeship possible for a child as they pursue their passion and work towards independence from October 2019

My name is Yakobe Juma. I am a boy 19 years. I have just written my final secondary school exams in July 2017 at Namikasi Secondary School about an hour walk distance from my home. A year has gone now since I started to live on my own. This happened when my father died in 2016. MCM supported me a lot to pay for my school fees since I started my secondary school. Now I am at home alone there is no other support. Everything is in my hands. I have three siblings of which two go to MCM; Emily and Elaton. My youngest sister Eddah is only 3 and does not attend MCM. They live with my step mother. I joined MCM in 2008 when my mother died. My biggest problem is lack of food because last year I did not have enough time to work in my garden because I was concentrating on my education in preparation for the final exams. Usually I only eat lunch when I am at MCM. In addition, I do not have a proper shelter and kitchen materials like cooking pots. The situation of living on my own has helped me gain more skills and knowledge on how I can manage to help myself and how to survive under such situations. Sometimes I feel that life is not fair. There are a lot of challenges that can make one to fail to achieve some goals in life. As a student my goal is to go to University of Malawi of Agriculture so that I will become an agricultural adviser. Life as not simple for me because at first I was living a comfortable life where I lacked nothing. My parents did everything for me, but now I do not have anything. So having no father and mother, has been a very big challenge to me. [Written in July 2017] As an update: March 2021 Yakobe is in his second year at Livingstonia University working towards his Bachelors of Education in Science thanks to generous donors who make his education possible. His is majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Biology with the goal of becoming a secondary school teacher.

My name is Doreen Chagaka. I am a girl aged 15. I have written my final primary school examination. Seven years have gone now since my mother and father died. When my parents died, my order sister Zione was the only one who took all the responsibility to take care of me and my two siblings Alena a girl 12 years in Standard 6 and Victor a boy 6 years in standard 2 both at MCM. Later Zione got married and left home and lived at her husband’s home. This put me in a very tough situation because I became responsible to take care of myself, Alena and Victor. It was in the same year when MCM built a house for us because by then we had no house to live in. Since Zione got married, I am the only one responsible for my two siblings. My daily activities go as follows: when I wake up in the morning I sweep around the house then I go to draw water and have Alena and Victor prepared for school at MCM and finally I prepare myself for school. When I knock off from school, I go to MCM. From MCM I go home with my two siblings and in the evening I prepare supper for three of us. Now there is a relief on my daily responsibility because MCM has greatly help me by providing a maid who takes most of the dairy activities I used to do alone. My biggest challenge as of now is lack of some basic necessities like soap, clothes and food. Because there is no one who provides support apart from what I get from MCM. Living on my own has helped me to know how best I can take care of my siblings and myself. So it is my great desire to go to secondary school and proceed to college and become a nurse so that I will be able to help different people including my relatives. One thing I always complain is about my elder sister Zione whom I am looking forward to being the person to help me and my relatives after her education, but she abandoned education and now it’s my responsibility for Alena and Victor. The question that always comes in my mind is that if it was not for MCM to support us, what would I have done with my two siblings? Written in September 2017   Update: March 2021 Doreen is in her last year of secondary school where she boards and wants to continue her education to become a nurse. Alena is also away at school. So Victor is not alone MCM hired a housemother to stay with him until the girls are home on break. Their oldest sister, Zione, went back to school and is balancing her responsibilities as a wife, mother and student. This family is thriving because of generous donors.  

Things I like about school are studying, solving mathematics and having group discussions. One thing I don't like about school is failing in class. I want to be a judge and I will accomplish this by working hard and asking God to help me. I don't like when people say that you can get an education but not employed. In the future I see myself helping my community by providing food to less privileged families. As of now I contribute to MCM by working hard in the garden in order to produce more vegetables to be used at MCM. The hardest thing in my life? It is that I fail to play football [soccer] well yet my heart desires it most! I still work hard and play with my friend with hope that one day I will do better. WELLSPOKEN In the 2.5 years Lesten (age 14) has been with MCM he's lived up to his word. He is a conscientious student who is mastering English and pushes himself in all aspects of academics. Lesten is on top of the STD 8 class and is the one teachers rely on to provide explanation to other students and act as an aide during lessons. Without MCM's support Lesten's mother would not have the means to send this bright child to school. He would not grow to his full potential, though he would continue to talk about his dreams, work in his garden and practice soccer with his friends. Please help other children reach their full potential by sponsoring a child through MCM’s Orphan Support Program. July 2020

It has always been my desire to become an independent and reliable person to my family and community. I know that this is possible if I do well in my education. My school is going pretty well and am expecting so much ahead of me. My first year at university was a struggle but I have different expectations for the rest of the coming years. Last semester school was full of fun but also overwhelming. I interacted with so many people and made new friends. I enjoyed staying in our campus hostels. We had to walk around on top of our school infrastructures to taje in the view of Zomba, the city in which our college is situated. On the other hand, I was overwhelmed because I thought I had more time to prepare for year end examinations. I had to spend some nights without sleeping. I thank God that I passed. Now I am growing into the kind of woman I want myself to be. This holiday at home I have learned so much and my self-confidence was boosted. I am working on how I will become a very good teacher since it is the career I am pursuing at school. Teaching hasn’t been my passion since I was young, and most people in Malawi don’t like to become teachers. This is because teachers are not respected in terms of their payment. So I’ve consulted with some passionate teachers I know (including Miss Eneless Banda) on how to be a good teacher, and they have helped me. My online mentor also taught me how to deal with unfavorable careers so that you turn them to be your favorite. I have been inspired by a quote that says “Not every good career is for everyone. All one needs to have is a vision”. I remember my dream of having a farm where I will be doing both crop and animal farming. I am now figuring out how to start my Loto (dream) poultry farm. I am planning to get a very simple kraal and start with 2 birds and see how it will go. I want my Loto farm to be a visible testimony and a motivation to young people to stay in school and be visionary. I am able to talk about all this because MCM has been of great help to me. This has been possible through the nutritional, social, emotional, spiritual as well as financial support that MCM has been and is still giving me. MCM has been my chief cornerstone. Had it not been for MCM, I do not know where my life would be now. May God keep MCM for me and the rest of the present and future children. Maria - January 2021


Full of Possibility: Talandila is a 10 year old who joined MCM and MCM Academy in September along with his 2 younger sisters. They lost their mother 2 years ago and their father abandoned them when Talandila was just 5. The children live with their grandmother.

Talandila is self-motivated, cheerful and is grateful for his opportunity to be a part of MCM. He works hard in the classroom and outdoors. He has received several academic awards including Spoken English. According to his grandmother, she has seen tremendous positive change in his behavior. Despite his efforts Talandila's home conditions are pathetic. The recent harvest yielded only 2 bags of maize which will last  only a few months. He currently lacks bedding and is in need of clothing.  Talandila - October 2014

Your support helps us to improve conditions for Talandila and his sisters.


Protecting the Vulnerable: Bridget is 11 years old. Her mother died when she was young. Bridget's father is confined to a wheelchair and is unable to care for Bridget, so she lives with her elderly grandmother, who is often sick. Her father repairs bicycles but earns very little so he cannot support Bridget.

In Bridget's words, "We do not have food or a safe home...Life is hard". To support this family MCM provides Bridget with food, clothing, school funds, tutoring, and medical care. When food is scarce MCM supplements her immediate needs. Our aim is to show her that she is important and that she has a brighter future. Bridget is eager to continue her education and have a career where she can support her family. Bridget - October 2014