1. Why did MCM start this program? MCM is committed to the overall wellbeing and support of every child from preschool through the completion of high school, and the possibility of college, technical school or apprenticeship.  Our desire is for every child to reach their full potential and to be a thriving, contributing member of their village, where the community is uplifted and the cycle of poverty is broken.
  2. How much does it cost to sponsor a child? To sponsor a child the cost is $45 a month for primary school and $68 a month for secondary school.
  3. How is my support used?  Your monthly donation will be pooled with donations from other donors and sponsors so that all the children at the center can be provided with nutritious meals, education, healthcare, counseling, and life skills training.  
  4. How long should I sponsor my child?  This partnership offers you the opportunity to stay in relationship with your child usually until the child has completed the program (anywhere between 18 and 24 years of age).
  5. What happens if my child leaves the program? Please understand that the child’s circumstances may change.  Children may relocate to another area or for specific reasons, no longer be able to participate in the program.  Should that happen, we will contact you as quickly as possible and we will offer you the opportunity to support another child in need.
  6. How will I receive correspondence from my child?   Within three weeks of joining our Orphan Support Program, you will receive the first letter from your child from a central email location.  All correspondence will be via email at orphansupport@malawichildrensmission.org.
  7. May I send gifts to my child?  Although you are unable to send a personal gift to your child, there will be opportunity once a year to contribute to a group gift for the children at MCM.
  8. Does my sponsorship go to the child’s family or guardian?  No, the family or guardian do not directly receive any money; but there is great comfort and relief in knowing that their child is receiving care.
  9. Are my donations tax-deductible?  The Children’s Mission is a non-profit exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Consult with your tax advisor regarding your own tax situation.
  10. How is a child supported through my sponsorship? With your sponsorship we provide your sponsored child a daily nutritious meal, education, life skills training, counseling and healthcare.
  11. Explain the grade levels in Malawi? Primary school runs preschool through Standard 8 (8th grade). Secondary school runs Form 1 – 4 (high school). It is common in Malawi for children to repeat grade levels and therefore may vary in age.