Creating Impact Through Technology

Since our beginning in 2007, the MCM Center has operated without conventional electrical power. This is a reality in rural Malawi – electricity is scarce.

With generous donor support Phase 1 of the MCM Tech Initiative is completed to provided solar powered lighting in the Medical Clinic and solar powered broadband internet access at the Center for use by the MCM Academy staff and students. A new MacBook Pro was purchased to enable better video conferencing as part of the Global Classroom program.

Now as part of Phase 2, our computer lab requires;  a 5kW source of solar power for re-charging laptops and iPads, increased speed to access the internet access speed, and enhanced security at the center by installing solar powered, motion activated, flood lighting.

Phase 2 will also include a RACHEL offline internet in a box solution (, an upgraded and more powerful computer projector for use in the Global Classroom program, 4 additional refurbished laptops, and additional software licenses to protect our students from reaching sites with objectionable content when online.

Solar Power is a Bright Idea

Solar Power Systems harness the abundance of energy from the sun available right at the Center to provide electrical power. The benefits are exponential.

Faster broadband internet access, and access to the RACHEL offline internet in a box solution (both powered by solar systems), allows better access to information, enhanced communications between MCM Academy and USA-based school classes as part of our Global Classroom initiative, teacher training opportunities and furthers collaborative, project-based learning.

Partners are Needed

To address MCM’s technology needs, we set out to raise $26,000.  We are excited to report we’ve raise $18,000 to date, with just $8,000 to go!  Our goal is to complete Phase 2 by the end 2019 with the purchasing and implementation phase starting immediately. All of this is part of MCM’s long-term Technology & Infrastructure Plan.

Invest in Their Future

All of us take electricity, internet access and security for granted – imagine how much these investments can help these young children.

Your donation towards the remaining Phase 2 amount of $8,000 will help us further leverage solar technology and internet access to improve the lives of Malawi’s orphans and vulnerable children.

Thank you for your support.