Developing Integrity, Responsibility and Character in Young Men

MCM launched the Young Men’s Initiative in September 2019 to provide boys ages 10-19 the skills, experiences and role models to become men of outstanding leadership and good character. Through weekly biblical discipleship, hands-on business development projects and focused mentorship, the young men are trained in discipline, hard work, cooperation and respect amongst many other priceless qualities. These boys will have a positive impact on those around them as they become self-sufficient and contributing men of their community.

The Uphill Road Ahead

Vulnerable and orphaned boys in rural Malawi face pressure to provide income and “man power” to support their families due to the void of adult men present in the household and community. They must find “piece work” jobs in fields making bricks or thatching roofs. These occupations often have long hours, back breaking work, low pay and leave little time for school. The income earned is used to purchase food and necessities for their families leaving little income for school fees and transportation. Just over 50% of Malawian boys complete primary school with 40% of those eligible to advance to secondary school. Orphaned boys lack male role models and financial security to successfully transition from poverty to a life or career of their choosing.

How These Young Men Succeed

Mentorship, Life Skills Training and Spiritual Foundation


The young men meet and collaborate with mentors to learn from these role models on ways to overcome present and past struggles. Counseling sessions offer encouragement, critical thinking skills and problem solving techniques.

Life Skills Training

Collaborating as a unified team, the young men discern how to run a business from concept inception to finance, sales and beyond. They learn foundational skills such as planning, responsibility, accounting, marketing and craftsmanship. Proceeds from the sales and donations of their work will be reinvested into their business to allow steady growth to continue.  At the end of each year, each boy receives a necessities package paid for by their diligent work.


Spiritual Foundation

Biblical teaching and discipleship is designed to meet the boys where they are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to provide a basis for who they are and what makes up their personal and public identity.