Food Crisis

Dear Friends of MCM,

Currently there is a food shortage in Malawi due to excessive rain last spring which produced low yield or completely devastated crops.  According to experts Malawi is facing the worst food shortage crisis in 10 years.  The effects of the flooding and food scarcity are being felt dramatically by MCM’s orphans and their caretakers.   Guardians are reporting that their family members are going without food for 2-3 days.

Thanks to our donors, MCM purchased two hundred fifty 50 kg. bags of maize to fill the gap.   In the first of several planned distributions, this week 89 families received a one bag of maize to ease their burden.

There is there is still an immediate need to secure an additional 250 bags of maize so these families can survive through the next harvest until April 2016.  Just $25 (USD) buys one bag of maize which feeds a family of 4 for a month.

What $25 sacrifice are you willing to make in your life to feed a vulnerable child?  Please donate to to fill another flatbed truck with hope.  Be sure to add a special instruction with your payment at check out or in the memo of your check:  “FOR MAIZE”.


The MCM Team