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Create conditions in which Malawi's orphans can thrive.


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Our local team is devoted to serving Malawi's orphans.
Ken & Avisha Mpemba
Executive Directors
Phoebe Kufeyani
Social Director
Henock Banda
Education Director

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Malawi's Orphans

For the majority of Malawi's orphans, life consists of surviving each day.
The health, well-being and future of orphans is at risk every day.

There are numerous threats that Malawi's orphans face each day: poverty, malnutrition, lack of healthcare, as well as the direct and indirect effects of AIDS. Few have an opportunity at a full education and must learn to fend for themselves. There is a severe emotional and psychological affect on orphans due to such extreme conditions. 130,000 children are living with HIV. Only 6% of orphans receive medical support. Females average only 7 years of education. 50% of all orphans & vulnerable children have lost one or both parents due to AIDS. It is easy to understand why Malawi's orphans fail to see any future - they must survive the day. There is a future for orphans - a bright one! MCM was founded on and remains driven by a mission to help Malawi's orphans thrive.

  • Preventable Deaths

    % of child deaths due to preventable causes

  • Child Development

    % of children with stunted development

  • Proper Education

    % of poor children who fail to start primary school

  • Malnourishment

    % of children under 5 yrs who are malnourished