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Malawi Children’s Mission was formed in 2007 to serve orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi, Africa.


In 2007 Steven Koffman and Sean Robinson formed MCM to help address the growing crisis facing orphaned & vulnerable children in Malawi, Africa. Working with local partners and the Malawian Ministry of Social Affairs, MCM was established near the neediest of villages in the Lirongwe area of Southern Malawi.


Create conditions in which Malawi’s orphans can thrive. Life for many orphans is about surviving the day. But we believe orphans deserve more. Our focus is providing an environment in which a child can develop potential and a future. That orphans will discover their ability to make a positive difference in their own community.

MCM Orphan Support Program


That the orphans we serve will impact Malawi. We see a future where every orphan has a unique life-path.  We will empower leaders who take MCM’s mission as their own – launching young adults into their communities to create lasting change.

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You can make a difference in the lives of Malawi's orphans.

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