Their Stories

Working with Malawi's orphans gives us a firsthand view of the struggles children face and their potential for a better future. They inspire us with an enthusiasm and hunger to know and be known. Every child has a story worth sharing and we hope they instill a response in you to act.

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Ali’s outlook is bright despite a childhood filled with heartbreak. Ali changed the direction of his life with support from MCM.  Today Ali, age 19, is hopeful about his future:  “I am in the fourth year of my high school.  My favorite subjects are English, Life Skills, Biology, and History.  My dream is to become either a journalist or a carpenter.  I look forward to a day when I will become independent and support my relatives.”

“I am the last born in the family of four.  My father died on the day l was born.  Every time I celebrate my birthday l also have a feeling of loss.   My mum died in 2003 after a long illness.  By then l was in grade 1. When she fell sick, she left home and went to another village to be taken care by my granny.  Time passed, and one morning, one of my relatives came to my school, and the teacher told me to leave with them for home.  When I was about to reach home, the shocking news was unveiled—your mother passed on, sorry.

My mother was hard working.  She used to sell mangoes, and when mangoes were off season, she sold kanyenya (tea).  Life was tough after my mother passed on.  I started living with my aunt in town, in the city of Blantyre, but I did not live with her long because I used to steal money and fight friends.  So I went to live with my uncle. When I was in grade 2, I beat our neighbor’s child and my uncle sent me back to the village.  My behavior was intolerable; no one wanted to take care of me. I had nowhere to go until my aunt from my mother’s family accepted me in her home. This time I was in grade 4.  She was very harsh to me.   For example, I was not allowed to play with friends but l used to sneak out and return home late.  I used to go straight to sleep and my aunt used to come in the bedroom with a stick and spank me. What pained me most was that when her child did a similar misbehavior I was the only one punished.  When it came to helping with house chores, I was the only one asked to help.  I decided to run away— to my grandfather, from my mother’s side but I was sent back to my aunt just after a month. Then I discovered MCM.

Through counseling and guidance from MCM I started looking at life in a different way I must say.  As time went by my behavior changed and my aunt noticed and appreciated the change.   MCM has been of great help in my behavioral change.  When I look back, I feel bad.  MCM now supports me holistically; school support, inspirational talks, life skills, clothes, shoes, soap, food items, medical care, physical fitness and many more.”

With your continued support the dedicated staff at MCM can change the course of a vulnerable child’s life, like Ali!



Maria is 19 years old and has a plan. “I want to be a role model by becoming a nurse who is compassionate to her patients, own land to rent and help the poor to meet their needs as a payback for the assistance I’ve received.” She has completed high school but returned to earn additional college credits while she awaits the University entrance exams this spring. Maria’s journey is long and the odds are stacked against her. By age 18 nearly 50% of all young women in Malawi are married and less than 10% graduate high school. As an orphan she lacks familial support, role modeling and encouragement.

However, Maria is steadfast and with support from MCM; scholarships, tutoring, medical care and love, she will succeed and move out of the cycle of poverty that has surrounded her entire life. There is no greater investment than supporting a girl’s education. Please support Maria’s education by donating today. Her boarding school costs for the year are $750.



1 Girl. 2 Lives: Like many of Malawi's young teenage orphans, Floncy's destiny is predetermined for her. She is likely to drop out of school (if she goes at all). She will probably be forced to work in the fields to earn enough for her guardians and siblings. By age 18 she is likely become a single mother living in her village without an adequate financial support or the experience needed to raise a small child. She will be jobless and without means to provide for her family. Each day will be about survival.

But this does need to be her story. As part of the MCM family, Floncy receives many of the resources and tools needed to achieve more with her life. She receives daily meals to ensure she remains healthy. MCM provides school fees and tutoring to foster her education. She also has access to medical assessment and treatment. Most importantly she has the encouragement, needed counseling and love. She learns life skills, self worth and can see a vision for her future. By age 18 she is succeeding in high school with plans to attend University. Each day she thrives.

This is the story we are helping Floncy write. You can help MCM build more success stories. Donate today.



Full of Possibility: Talandila is a 10 year old who joined MCM and MCM Academy in September along with his 2 younger sisters. They lost their mother 2 years ago and their father abandoned them when Talandila was just 5. The children live with their grandmother.

Talandila is self-motivated, cheerful and is grateful for his opportunity to be a part of MCM. He works hard in the classroom and outdoors. He has received several academic awards including Spoken English. According to his grandmother, she has seen tremendous positive change in his behavior. Despite his efforts Talandila's home conditions are pathetic. The recent harvest yielded only 2 bags of maize which will last  only a few months. He currently lacks bedding and is in need of clothing. 

Your support helps us to improve conditions for Talandila and his sisters.



Protecting the Vulnerable: Bridget is 11 years old. Her mother died when she was young. Bridget's father is confined to a wheelchair and is unable to care for Bridget, so she lives with her elderly grandmother, who is often sick. Her father repairs bicycles but earns very little so he cannot support Bridget.

In Bridget's words, "We do not have food or a safe home...Life is hard". To support this family MCM provides Bridget with food, clothing, school funds, tutoring, and medical care. When food is scarce MCM supplements her immediate needs. Our aim is to show her that she is important and that she has a brighter future. Bridget is eager to continue her education and have a career where she can support her family.



A Dance in His Step: William is an 8 year old Malawian boy who lives with his mother and three siblings in the nearby village of Mbwana. His hobby is dancing and is the group leader of the dance called Beni. Until last year William attended the local government school where his mother said “he only wasted his time….and minimum learning took place.”

Since he joined MCM Academy William quickly picked up his academic performance and social life. His mother now sees his ability to handle school work and ascribes his change in behavior (for the better) to MCM Academy's influence and she is grateful.



Wise Beyond His Years: Wisdom is a bold, confident 18 year old, who speaks remarkably clear English and always has a smile on his face.  He has big plans for his life.  One afternoon Wisdom took my hand and asked if I wanted to see his ID card.  I had no idea what he meant but was curious due his excitement.  He quickly pulled me to the medical center and took the card off of the director’s desk where he had placed it for safe keeping.  It looked like a driver’s license; with his picture, name and secondary school listed.  He explained that it was exam week and he would be tested in all subjects.  In order to move on to the next level at school he must receive passing grades.  This ID was his “ticket” to take the exams and it meant the world to him.

Wisdom understands that education is his opportunity to make a better life for himself and his family.   His success is dependent on his drive and support from MCM where he receives a daily meal, tutoring, medical care and financial support for school.  When asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”.  Wisdom is a typical teen, “a surgeon or maybe a radio show host”.  With your support, Wisdom will succeed at whatever journey he chooses for himself.