Opportunity orphan support

For Malawi's orphaned and vulnerable children, life consists of surviving the day. For the 1,000,000+ orphans in Malawi, opportunity is a luxury. But what if Opportunity is a Gift that could be shared?
Instead of surviving for the day, what if Malawi's orphans thrive?

We believe they can and should. MCM's Orphan Support program provides the essentials for orphans to build lives of purpose: nutrition, education, healthcare, emotional support and life-skills.
Help us build a future for Malawi's orphans, so each child can be all they were meant to be.

Your gift of $25 or more each month supports an orphan for an entire year.
Donating is easy, secure and produces incredible results!



The goal of MCM is to create opportunities for Malawi's orphans to thrive. Orphans deserve to have big lives. So, we build our services around developing a life path suited for each child. With purpose and direction Malawi's orphans can have a greater impact on their communities.


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