We Love Malawi's Orphans

Malawi Children's Mission was formed in 2007 to serve orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi, Africa. We love Malawi's orphans. So, our approach is simple: show them they are valued, that they matter, that they have a future. MCM demonstrates this approach by providing nutritional, educational, healthcare and emotional support.

Our Mission - Create Conditions in which Orphans can Thrive

Life for many orphans is about surviving the day. But we believe orphans deserve more. So, our focus is providing an environment in which a child can develop potential and a future. That they will discover their self-worth. And when they do, they will make a positive difference in their own community.

Our Model - Good Works builds Good Will which leads to Good News

MCM was created to serve orphans in meaningful and tangible ways. By doing what is good for orphans trust is built in the children we serve and in their local communities. This opens the door to sharing good news: Orphans have value, a purpose and a brighter future.