A Letter From Angellina During the COVID 19 Pandemic

Although we are very grateful that we are healthy, life here is very different. I am home now, not at university.  I travel to MCM every day, but only for food since all programs have been  temporarily shut down due to the COVID 19 crisis. We are divided into three separate groups depending on where our villages are located. My village, Mwazama collects food at 10am. Those from the village of Mbwana collect their food at 11am and those from Jamali collect their food at 12pm each day. We miss each other very much, as we don’t get to see our friends from the other villages. 

Even though my university is temporarily closed, we do have a few assignments which helps keep me focused. I also have a project that I started last November and I am currently writing a report based on the results that I have gathered. 

Unfortunately, I will not be able to graduate as planned in December, as our academic calendar has been disrupted. I am very disappointed. Please continue to pray for our health and protection. 


3rd Year Student at Lilongwe University of Agriculture