Maize Food Crisis 2018

Update from Karen Hirsh – It is with urgency that I update you on the current food crisis in MCM’s community.  I ask for your support again to ensure we have the resources to feed our children and their families this coming year.

I’ve just returned from Malawi.  Most of what I can report is positive news about our children; looking healthier, making educational progress, and receiving 2 nutritious meals a day at the center.   What was most concerning is the ongoing shortage of maize in the community.   For the fourth consecutive year our region experienced poor crop yields; this time due to a worm infestation.

Ken and I had the difficult conversation regarding “handouts”.  If you provide maize for the families, are we creating dependency?   If we don’t, do they starve?   There is no easy solution.   At MCM’s core we are committed to the long term support of the children so they have the opportunity to become contributing members of their community.  If we don’t provide supplemental maize over the coming months they will suffer as the food crisis worsens.

Therefore, with your support we will raise $10,000 to feed our children providing 25 kg of maize to 100 families each month August 2018 – March 2019.

I met with many guardians during my trip.   Each one expressed gratitude to MCM for the education, nutrition and health care provided to the children.   I let them know that this was possible because of you, our donors.

Please consider supporting our 2018 Maize Campaign at (choose: Special Projects and write in Maize 2018).  Donations are needed as soon as possible to secure maize at a reasonable rate before prices skyrocket.


Karen Hirsh