The Ripple Effect

Snow, washing machines, lobsters, sky scrapers, the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, are but a handful of the “firsts” experienced by Phoebe (MCM Director of Social Services) and Henock (MCM Director of Education) on their April journey across the U.S. with stops in Boston, New York City, Binghamton, Memphis and the Bay Area.

Along the way Henock and Phoebe had the opportunity to personally thank donors and give specific accounts of the impact of their support.  They presented at the AERA Conference in the Big Apple with their professional counterparts from Binghamton University. Among the schools visited they met with Global Classroom partners to solidify relationships.

What Phoebe and Henock walked away with was much more than a list of foods sampled or monuments seen.  They headed back to Malawi with big ideas and new perspectives to implement changes at MCM as they work to develop potential and a future for every child.

  • Henock described travel as “a life changing experience”. He appreciated the relationships he witnessed; Principals engaging with students, affection between husbands and wives, and the playfulness of parents and children. At MCM Academy, Henock plans to implement a trauma informed approach to teaching with more of a relational style, less authoritarian. He will continue to raise the bar on the quality of education by implementing more interactive learning. Overall Henock was encouraged by the people he met “to keep going”.
  • Phoebe enjoyed watching the loving and caring examples of parents raising their children in a positive way. She appreciated that children are encouraged to have a voice. She realized there is more opportunity to attend to the individual needs of a child utilizing specialists. Having experienced the abundance in the USA, Phoebe is seeking new ways to be resourceful, using local resources in our programs.

The momentum gained by Henock and Phoebe’s travels will continue through the ideas generated and the on-going engagement with the people they met; a remarkable adventure with ripple effects being felt by the children and staff at MCM.