A Day in the Life of a Donation

A Day in the Life of a Donation

Ever wonder how your donation impacts the life of an Orphan in Malawi each day? From meeting the most basic of needs to creating unique experiences, monetary support is often the difference in whether a child is able to attend school or ward of infection and disease. It delivers hygiene kits for young women and vitamins for growing children. It provides an education that can alter the course of a young life forever.

And, a donation supports the incredible team of leaders and staff on the ground in Malawi – to provide counsel, guidance and emotional support.

Each gift helps to build a foundation for a young orphan. When you donate it creates opportunities that most vulnerable children would never experience.

Not only does donating help orphans, it benefits the donor! Research reveals that those who donate experience increases in happiness, pride, and positive emotions (such as excitement, strength, and enthusiasm) and decreases in negative emotions (such as distress, guilt, and irritability).

A donation is much more than money. In effect, a donor is a difference maker and a donation is the tool for change. MCM is grateful for all who use their resources to make life better for those who have so little.

As we approach the end of 2017, please consider making a tax-deductible gift to continue the good work that we started 10 years ago!