MCM Community Outreach

Our mission has always been to provide Malawi’s orphaned population of 4 – 19 year olds the resources they need to thrive; nutrition, education, healthcare and emotional support.   We realize that these children come to us disadvantaged and underserved from living with families caught in a cycle of poverty starting at a very early age.   They have low communication and language development skills as well as delays in physical growth.   Therefore when the need arose in the community to affect the lives of younger children we stepped in to support the local preschools by funding roofs for two school buildings.

Organizers of the preschools lacked resources to complete the buildings which forced the children and teachers to meet in open aired classrooms or under trees to be out of the elements.   During the rainy season the children had nowhere to go.   Through MCM’s donor support iron sheet roofing was purchased and the construction completed.

“Preschools delivered in an area of extreme disadvantage has a positive impact on the young children involved as well as their older siblings and parents [guardians].”    We believe at MCM that children are the future of Malawi.  By investing in a child’s basic education we are contributing to the country’s development and creating a literate and self-sustaining society.

Thank you for your on-going support of MCM and investing in the lives the vulnerable children we serve.