Education Initiatives

One of MCM’s goals is to provide the 150+ orphans we serve with resources needed to be successful in their education.  This includes providing meals each day, uniforms and shoes, school fees for the government programs, educational supplies and tutoring.  Additionally, 70 students in preschool to Standard 4 attend MCM Academy, offering smaller class sizes and higher-quality learning conditions, with plans to add a new grade each year through high school.

With donor support MCM is also able to provide educational enrichment for our eager learners through initiatives in-country and partnerships around the world.

  • Several of MCM’s top students participated in the Big Brain Quiz Competition, launched by the Independent Schools Association of Malawi to improve the reading culture and general performance of all students.  To compete, schools square off against each other answering questions on subjects in English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Current Affairs.   While MCM’s team did not win their first meet the children “appreciated the importance of practicing English, the added knowledge and experience of the world around them and were challenged to work extra hard in school”, according to Henock Banda, MCM’s Director of Education.
  • Through our Global School Collaborations  MCM works with 3 schools (7 classrooms) on poetry, reading, math, science, social studies, music and drama projects.   The students continue to share videos, letters, essays, and FaceTime chats.  The power of connecting children from different cultures thousands of miles apart is evident in the words of Gladys, an MCMA STD 4 student, in her Pen Pal letter to a friend, “…because of your letter I have picked one [a book] from the library.”  These collaborations provide learning for students and teachers alike from “both sides of the pond”.
  • Recently students rejoiced when MCM was presented with iPads donated by the Riverdale Country School.   The technology allows easy access to textbooks and teaching aids.  For 19 year old Ali, who is interested in journalism, it provides a tool for his trade and a connection with the outside world.

We’ve seen progress in the MCM children’s academic performances; in their grades, test results and overall confidence.  Last year 100% of our students stayed in school; in a country with a school life expectancy of 11 years old.   Through your continued support MCM can bolster the success and future of these vulnerable children through quality education and educational initiatives.  Thank you for investing in their future.