Diminished Hope

In November MCM’s staff and children were hopeful for a hearty harvest this April as they prepared the rows and mounds of soil, planted maize seeds, fertilized and weeded the crops.   The maize harvested at MCM would be used to support half of our food allocations needed to serve the 150 children one meal a day for the year.  Their hopes have diminished as Malawi experiences a second season of erratic weather conditions with late rains and now drought in our region.   The crops are very sparse and in some cases the maize plants have completely died out.

This is devastating news for the MCM children and their families who are already experiencing food shortages from last year’s low yielding crops.  Families must continue to limit their portion sizes and reduce the number of meals they eat. In many cases guardians are unable to feed their own families let alone sell any surplus to cover household expenses, school fees or medical costs.

MCM’s mission has always been to provide Malawian orphans with their basic needs; food, education, medical care and love.   Without proper nutrition our children cannot grow and learn.   According to the WFP,   “Levels of stunting among children in Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia are among the worst in the world.  This affects children’s physical growth, cognitive development, as well as their future health and productivity.”

Our current maize budget to feed all 150 at the Center for one month is $250.  This coming year we anticipate an increase in this cost due to shortfalls in our own production and inflated pricing due to high demand.   With your support, MCM will continue to provide our children with a nutritious meal each day and supplement maize to their families in need throughout the crisis.

Consider donating $30 to purchase one 50 kg bag of maize for a family of four which will sustain them for a month and a half or a larger donation to guarantee MCM has the resources each month to enable these vulnerable children to thrive. Thank you for your on-going compassion.