MCM’s Global Classroom

Through MCM’s Global Classroom program our children, who are isolated geographically, economically and technically, have the opportunity to expand their horizons by learning from, teaching to and sharing with peers thousands of miles away.   Since 2012 we’ve partnered with schools to enlighten both groups of students about the world around them, promote cross cultural learning and stimulate curiosity in active and experiential platforms which complement existing curriculum.  How this plays out for each partnership is unique:

  • At Derby Academy in Hingham, MA the 2nd year of collaboration is proving to solidify the friendships previously established with their 3rd graders and MCM Academy’s Standard 4 class via Facetime chats, weekly video sharing and a Pen Pal letter campaign.  The Derby 2nd graders and MCM Standard 3 students begin an “Access to Water” unit in January and will share essays on what they want to be when they grow up.
  • The 5th graders at Jenkins School in Scituate, MA this week share their “community poetry” and kick off a book club via Facetime chats with MCM’s older students who attend the government schools.  Themes will include diversity and empowerment.
  • Our newest partnership with the Riverdale Country School in New York City offers a special opportunity for one of their students, Julia , the niece of MCM’s co-founder, to share her personal experience of visiting MCM.  With her encouragement students from Riverdale initiated a fundraising campaign by making bracelets for MCM’s Young Women’s Initiative.  In addition the 3rd – 5th graders will embark on specific curriculum based projects with students at MCM Academy via video chats and blogs in math, sciences and literature.

MCM Academy school collaboration programs benefit both groups of students.   Global education intimately connects children from various cultures to see differences as well as similarities in their lives.   In addition through peer learning the students gain mutual respect and enhance their content knowledge because it is fun and they become vested in their projects.   In the words of an American child involved “I can’t wait to talk to my friend in Malawi again.”

Positive results of these relationships are described by Henock Banda, MCM Academy Director in a summary of the 2014-15 academic year.   “There has been a noticeable improvement in children academic performance as 27% of the children graduated with an A grade.  This was made possible because many hands participated [including] Derby Academy… The children [MCMA students] speak English more confidently by modeling their international friends. ”

To support our on-going global citizenship efforts and to provide more learning opportunities for our vulnerable children please consider MCM in your end of year giving.