MCM Pre-School Program

By Kiran Robinson [March 14, 2013]

It has been 3 long years since I have been back to Malawi. It was amazing to see the progress being made at the center. But I was especially blessed to spend time with the pre-schoolers at MCM. What a joy to play games, practice numbers with them. We danced, sang and laughed. There is no shyness which makes the time together all the more special – all it takes is a smile and they warm up to you.

Oh, these precious orphans need a mother’s touch. They so desperately need to feel loved and cared for. Children crave that attention that comes from someone who treats them as special. Thank God for Phoebe, Longezo and Martha who faithfully care for these little ones.

Their smiles and energy are so endearing that it easily masks a sad reality. I was shocked to learn from Phoebe that 4 of the 8 children I spent time with are HIV positive. It doesn’t seem fair that children are stripped of one or both parents. Even worse when they have to go through life facing a wretched disease like this.

But we won’t sit idly by. HIV is treatable and with the help of our dear supporters, these and other MCM children can live healthy, full lives. Ken Mpemba is currently finalizing plans with the Christian Nurses Association to provide periodic health assessments for the children. As part of this extended health program we hope to provide medicines and testing that will keep HIV in check.

We greatly appreciate your support in this effort. Working together we can help assure a healthy, productive life for the children of Malawi.