Year-End Giving

Start the holiday giving season please contribute to MCM’s special fundraising goal of $15,000 for 2 used vehicles to better serve orphans.    

  • With a minibus Henock, our Education Director, will taxi our teachers and nurse to/from the center.   Currently the staff have arduous commutes which include walking a 2 mile dirt road to work.   During the 4 month rainy season it is sometime impossible to make the trip.  In addition, with this vehicle MCM students could take field trips outside of the villages and collaborate with partnering schools.
  • A small cross-over SUV gives Phoebe, MCM’s Social Services Director, quick and safe access to the children and families in the surrounding villages on a regular basis, including transporting the sick to hospitals and clinics.

What does this gift provide?
By guaranteeing the devoted staff are on site to provide on-going education, medical and emotional support MCM’s vulnerable children experience consistent care, stability and reliability.  These “Wheels of Opportunity” provide the staff with another tool to effect change in the lives of children who are stuck in the cycle of poverty.

Expand an orphan’s world.  Please consider donating to this worthy cause whether your contribution is a year-end gift or as part of your on-going support.  We appreciate you fulfilling our wish list this holiday season!