Consistent supply of local produce and fresh water. A healthy diet, rich in proteins & nutrients.

Quality Produce

MCM sources high quality produce from local farms. We also grow fresh vegetables and maize on site to ensure consistent supply. Each meal is designed to be full of protein and nutrients children need to develop physically and mentally.

Fresh Water

MCM has drilled 3 fresh water wells, including a solar powered well on site. Not only does this benefit orphans at MCM, but with safe water nearby, villagers are free to pursue new opportunities and improve their lives.

Daily Meals

Every orphan at MCM receives a nutritious meal at least once each day. Since our inception in 2007 over 500,000 meals have been served. When orphans realize that they will be well fed, their attention and focus can be placed on other tasks.

Support our efforts to provide nutritious food and fresh water to orphans.

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