MCM creates an environment of learning in everything we do.

Pre-School: Start Early

MCM's preschool prepares the youngest orphans to start learning early. They begin to read, memorize, develop dexterity, count, and even to speak English. Early brain development is a critical part of our approach. We also provide a service to guardians and extended family who able to tend to their work assured that their young ones are cared for.

Tutoring: Personalized Learning

MCM introduced after-school tutoring for children of all ages. The aim is to better equip children to excel in their studies. Classes are designed for small group learning as well as one-on-one interaction with qualified tutors. Our trained tutors ensure that the children remain engaged in their course work, regardless of their learning level.

MCM Academy: onsite academics

In September 2013, MCM opened MCM Academy offering pre-school through 12th grade education orphaned and vulnerable children. We currently provide Pre-school-4th grade classes serving over 60 children. Our goal is to grow the program and infrastructure to accommodate 500 students in a K-12 academy. This will include the construction of 2 new school blocks and the hiring of many more teachers and staff. Successfully educating these children is the key to empowering them to live a future they create and to break the cycle of poverty in this community.

Scholarships: lifecycle of learning.

MCM offers our older children the opportunity to continue their studies by providing scholarships to attend secondary schools offsite.

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